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happy festive season to all! we’re pleased to announce a big sale on all sheet music and cd’s/mp3’s until December 15.. including the newly published score & parts for Rainlessness (for piano & string quartet), the catalogue of solo piano music by Rae Howell (the complete printed publication of 12 works, and individual digital downloads with free mp3s!) and the entire Sunwrae albums..

we’ve also just released a trio of ‘unreleased’ tracks (Dec 1st 2016), including Captain Matchbox, from Rae’s solo recordings, available on the usual digital platforms. and we’re currently scheming some very exciting projects for 2017.. and preparing to release (very soon!) the back catalogue of Sunwrae piano & string quartet scores..

stay tuned for performances on the horizon..

Below are a couple of clips, we hope you enjoy!

Recorded over ten days in St Paul and Minneapolis (USA) in 2014, Invisible Wilderness is a diverse double volume solo album featuring a collection of Rae’s original piano and keyboard works from contemporary, popular and cinematic styles to jazz infused improvisations.

Complete with hand drawn illustrations (by Sandy Smith), Invisible Wilderness: Volume I was recorded on a Steinway concert grand and is accompanied by a sheet music publication that features 12 works in printed manuscript format. Volume II is more abstract, sidestepping the traditional piano sound, performed on a Fender Rhodes and various upright ramshackle pianos that immerse the listener in different textures, including the hammers, felts and pedalling (featuring the natural reverb of the sostenuto and celeste pedals).

These are currently for sale in the shop, as physical CDs and digital audio tracks.. as well as our back catalogue of Sunwrae Ensemble albums.

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Stay tuned for more news very shortly!!

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